How much is a portrait session?

A portrait session is $300 for a 1-hour session. The package includes an online album with high-resolution downloads.

What should I bring?

You can bring up to 3 outfits. If you have young children, toys and snacks are always helpful. Please make sure your children are well fed and that your session is not too close to naptime. They should be as comfortable as possible so that we get the best smiles! Water and comfortable shoes are also good to bring for outdoor sessions.

How can I personalize my session?

Bring props or items that show your personality. For senior portraits, this could be an instrument or sports jersey. For family portraits, a shared interest or hobby. You can meet with your photographer to discuss ideas to make your session unique and creative!

What should we wear?

Great colors will depend on the location of your session, as well as the season. Feel free to be creative, and ask us for ideas!

Groups don’t have to all wear the exact same color. Find complimentary colors that look good together, or mix solids and patterns.

Be comfortable. No matter how expensive or fancy the clothing, if you’re uncomfortable in the style, it will show in the photos. Pick clothing that flatters your body type and you will automatically look amazing!